My Grama's Garden

The children's book

about the book

"I like to go to Grama's house
And stay a bunch of hours,
I like to chase the butterflies
That land on all the flowers."

"I like to look for spiderwebs
Ladybugs and things
Grama says I'm a naturalist
I don't know what that means"

"My Grama's Garden began in 1959 when, as newlyweds, my husband and I were given 3 acres of pastureland by a relative.
After building our home, a grandmother who grew and sold perennial flowers, inspired me to start my own perennial gardens. Thus began a 40 year obsession of growing and collecting flowers and rare trees. Each flower led to a new appreciation of the wondrous beauties of nature. As we fed the gardens, they fed our souls. Over the years many photographs were taken by Denise, and also her sister Marilyn, and later used to inspire the watercolor paintings that illustrate the book. We were privileged to be a mother-daughter team and realize the dream of collaborating on this project, which has taken six years from beginning to fruition. It is the culmination of our love for family, nature and flowers." ~ Pat Drummond

Come take a walk through My Grama's Garden
~ but look closely... there is a lot to see.

"My Grama's Garden began as a way to capture and hold the beauty of my mother's perennial gardens. It started with one watercolor painting and from there evolved into the children's book. After photographing her gardens for years, we accumulated  hundreds of beautiful photographs documenting each years' progression of bloom. I would start a painting with a rough idea in mind, and I used many, many photos on each one to guide me. In summer months, I painted among her gardens, during winter, inside, I would place the photos all around me and paint and dream of summer and her flowers." ~ Denise Drummond

As a young girl takes you on a tour of her grandmothers garden, look closely to see what's hiding among the flowers and trees. Discover woodland animals, birds, butterflies, and insects that are hidden throughout each page, some in plain view, but others that are more difficult to spot.
Can you find a cat, a mouse, and a ladybug in each illustration?
Flower gardeners will love the vibrant and realistic paintings of the many varieties of flowers and rare trees, beginning with the daffodils and tulips, then poppies, lupine, irises, foxgloves, and on to bee-balm, ligularia, crocosmia, hollyhocks, rudbekia, and many more. Nature lovers of all ages will enjoy the variety of butterflies, some in their caterpillar and chrysalis stages.

My Grama's Garden, a hardback w/dustjacket  measuring 11.5 in X 12.5 in
30 pages of full-page vibrant watercolor illustrations
signed by the author and the illustrator
$30 (USD)

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